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Best surface quality: Coating

Only an optimum coating of the tool surfaces ensures high-quality cutting surfaces with calculable wear, a long lifetime of the cut and a long service life of your tool.

We use special coatings for aluminium as well as for high-alloy steels and further materials. Whether TiN, TiARN, TiCN or nACo, TiXCo, MCat or even special layers. For your standard or special tool and your application, we choose the optimum type of surface coating.

Qualitative leap with PVD coatings

Increasingly demanding applications and new materials that are hard to process require new coating procedures. Within the scope of a joint project with the Fraunhofer institute, we have performed research how new materials such as sandwich, glass fibre and carbon fibre can be optimally processed with different types of coatings and/or materials. Here, high-quality PVD coatings offer extensive options.

By means of the in-house PVD coating procedure, we can adapt the cutting edge preparation and the coating even better to the respective tool. Therefore, you reduce the wear of your tools even under the most demanding conditions and you achieve additional processing quality for your workpieces.

Would you like to learn more about our coating procedures for your tools? Our experts will be pleased to advise you.